Driving Lessons for Cars in Gatineau

Trust Lauzon Driving School in Gatineau to get quality driving lessons. Compulsory since 17 January 2010, this 39-hour course is spread over a minimum of 13 months: 24 hours of theory and 15 outputs on the road.
In the first 30 days of enrollment during driving, you need to attend 9 hours of classroom theory and pass the theoretical exam during hour 10. You will then get an attestation from your instructor and will be able to get your learner's permit from the SAAQ. At that time, you will need to present two pieces of identification and parental consent if you are less than 18 years old.
During the next 12 months, you can complete the remaining 14 hours of theory and the 15 outputs on the road. After 10 months, you’re allowed passing a second theoretical exam. Two months after the success of this test, it will be possible for you to pass your final exam on the road.
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