Motorcycle Driving Lessons in Gatineau

Do you wish to learn to drive a motorcycle? Come to Lauzon Driving School in Gatineau and get your motorcycle driving license. From the age of 16, you can start the procedures for obtaining that license, with parental consent for any minor.
Depending on the type of motorcycle you plan to drive, you must obtain the proper permits amongst the 3 types available:
  • Class 6A (any motorcycle)
  • Class 6B (cylinder capacity of 400 cc or less)
  • Class 6C (cylinder capacity of 125 cc or less)
The first step in learning to drive motorcycle is to pass the theoretical exam at a branch of the SAAQ in order to obtain your learner's permit. You will then receive training on driving in closed circuit (3 hours of theoretical training and 16 hours of practice) and training on the road (3 hours of theory and 10 hours of practice). You can then pass the driving test on a closed circuit of a branch of the SAAQ.
Thereafter, you are allowed to make accompanied driving for a period of 11 months to pass your exam on the road.
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